Jason Barnhart

"The point is simple... Boring always leads to failure. Boring is always the riskiest strategy... Find things that are 'just not done'... and then go ahead and do them."

Let's do things people will talk about.


Volkswagen, IMAX, Vera Bradley Designs, Agent 16 Media, ABC, Hilton Hotels, Academy Of Art University, MDVII International, Purdue University, RJ Reynolds, Spukhafte Agency, Magnasphere LLC, Serpica Naro, KOOL, Sony Music, Hall Train Studios, Valentino Scorza™, Classic Mouse Design Studio, Oberlins Design, W.Truman Limited, Acid+All™, Loic Nicolas Photography, Misti Layne Photography, Business Development Institute, Nova Jazz

Member: Advertising Photographers Of America

Before I was a photographer I got a BA in anthropology from Indiana University. (I continue to work as a writer and strategy consultant.) I am a current MFA candidate at the Academy Of Art in San Francisco.